Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Celebration of the Silesian Voivodeship 2012 — Silesian. The Heart of Europe

9 — 13 May, 2012 | Katowice / Chorzów / Bielsko-Biała / Częstochowa / Rybnik / Sosnowiec

Celebration of the Silesian Voivodeship is a perfect occasion to present artists, whose creativeness connects tradition with modernity. 

From 9 till 13 May in six Silesian cities (Katowice, Chorzów, Sosnowiec, Bielsko-Biała, Częstochowa and Rybnik) several dozens of artistic events took place. Events which let inhabitants of the voivodeship realize they live in a multicolored, multicultural land, right in the heart of Europe, but above all we believe they felt more „at home” — here, at the crossroad of many artistic paths, tales and intimate stories.  

The sound of heart, its quiet, steady beats  just like spoken words and twirling voices — remain and will circulate in an infinite ocean with all tones and colors forever. When word „Silesia” is spoken in this space, we start to think about a whole set of concepts and meanings connected with it: light and shadow, sun and earth. We enter a world of specific scents and unique color palette, we see forests, hills and fields. We oscillate at the edge of reality and phantasmagoria, and simply think about life and dreams.  

On the one hand, our thoughts run to a seperate geographical, civilization and cultural countenance. At the same time, we are linked to the rhythm and tremble of the whole continent, as a part of an inseperable polis. Europe looks like a giant music score, a unique arrangement of line notes. When we look upon it by night, we see a massive orchestra with enlightened lecterns of the cities, above them appears a choir of sounds. Music is primary to the words and, as it seems, more important than an orchestra.

Artists who performed during the Celebration of the Silesian Voivodeship 2012:

3 Kluski Śląskie,

A Hawk And A Hacksaw,



Barn Owl,

Beppe Navello,

Bush Chemist,

Bułhakowki Dom,


Chew Lips,

Czary Mary Koszmary i Ćmy,

Dancehall Masak-Rah,

Digit All Love,


Dubseed sound system,

Eastwest Rockers,

Emir Kusturica,

Fanfare Cocarlia,

Folkwang Tanzstudio,

Good Vibes Sound,



Holly Blue & Soundpetersburg,

Jane Birkin,

Józef Krzyk,

Julia Marcell,

Kazimiera Drewniok,

Keira Is You,

Knjaževsko-Srpski Teatar,



Lao Che,

Lee Scratch Perry,

Loco Star,

Manu Chao,


Milcz Serce,


Orkiestry Dęte,

Pandadread oraz Mystic MC,

Pantakin Circo Teatro,

Radikal Guru oraz Cian Finn,


Ray Wilson,

Renata Przemyk,

Rise Up!,

Sensi Milion,



Sokół Orkestar,

Splendid Sound,

St. James Hotel,


Ted Keijser,

Tempo Clash,

The Abstinents,

The Band Of Endless Noise,

The Blues Experience,

Tim Hecker,

Tomáš Kočko & ORCHESTR,





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