Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Jake & Dinos Chapman: In the Realm of the Senseless

26.11.2010 — 30.01.2011 | Rondo Sztuki

Jake and Dinos Chapman work is a miniature scenery of the great war film of all time. Looking at its next episodes, the viewer feels excited and guilty-occurs with the position of a voyeur fascinated by the forbidden views.*

The Chapman brothers have created some of the most powerful and challenging artworks of the last two decades, including sculptures, installations, paintings, etchings, films and performances.  Their output has covered many of the most important traditional themes of western art, but always with a topical urgency and unparalleled inventiveness.  They are now perhaps best-known for their ’Hell’ vitrines and their series of etchings after Goya, ‘The Disasters of War’, and both of these projects feature in the exhibition at the Rondo Sztuki gallery in Katowice.  Their work has engaged repeatedly with the after-effects of atrocity, injustice and abuses of power, but always with an unsettling mixture of outrage and comedy, elegy and farce.  Their dual career has been one long act of subversion, a sustained critique of the age that is both intellectually and viscerally disturbing.

/Dr Rod Mengham, Jesus College, Cambridge, curator

The project was realized in cooperation with the White Cube in London.