Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

John Zorn and Quartet DeSade. Hommage à Hans Bellmer

16 November, 2002 | Upper Silesian Cultural Centre in Katowice

This time, John Zorn played electronic instruments. He performed with an excellent string quartet DeSade:  Joyce Hammann — violin, Jenny Choi — violin, Louis Martin — viola, Erik Friedlander — cello accompanied by Angela Kim on piano. A part of the concert was a multimedia project dedicated to Hans Bellmer — a surreal artist, born in  Katowice 100 years ago. 

John Zorn — born in 1953 in New York. He studied classical composition. His music creation was influenced by modern American avant-garde composers: Charles Ives, John Cage, Harry Partch, as well as great improvisators and reformers of jazz: Anthony Braxton, Ornette Coleman, Jimmy Giuffre and Rascoe Mitchell. Beside jazz, he is inspired by Sephardic, Arabic and Japanese music, also modern classical music, black metal, hard core and modern electronic music. One of the main motives of Zorn’s output is a creative developement of traditional Jewish music. Zorn is also an editor and promotor of modern alternative and independent music, for years he runs his own phonographic company TZADIK, which concentrates many prominent international instrumentalists. 

His concert in Katowice was undoubtedly a sum of all those experiences and inspirations. Especially for his perfomance, the artist composed a piece called Dead Man — a composition dedicated to Hans Bellmer.