Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Keaton Henson. An exhibition

13.11.2015 — 31.12.2015 | Silesian Museum

An exhibition during ⅩⅩⅣ Ars Cameralis Festival 2015.

The artist’s output, which consists of drawings and sculptures, is an intriguing, unique mixture of deepened reflexion, melancholy and specific humor. Henson is an artist uncommonly fascinated with otherness, untamed wild human nature, emotional wounds —  ambience of anxiety is very perceptible in his works. The artist situates himself as an observer, not to say a peeper. His art is a reaction to his everyday remarks: a world of appearances filled with mediocrity, complicated, intricate, intriguing. Keaton Henson tries to explore it, showing recipients the dark side of our lives. 

Henson’s works are a specific travesty of charming, yet disturbing at the same time, stories from another world: world of children imagination, which has been trodden by world of adults. It might seem he and his works tell the same story: heroes of his works are resigned, tortured and confused people overwhelmed by numbing anxiety — the same one Keaton Henson is struggling everyday.

First, important and noticed by the critics exhibition of Keaton Henson took place in January 2013 at Pertwee Anderson & Gold Gallery (Soho, London). After quite huge success of the exhibition, the gallery started to represent the artist worldwide. Taking under consideration some of press reviews, some people might have wondered if the image of „distressed, wounded hermit” is just invented for PR purpose. However, the exhibition "Hithermost” opened in 2013 in Soho dispelled any doubts. It was not, as some imagined, an exhibition of a poseur, but an interesting presentation of a serious, mature and fascinating artist. Sam Parker wrote for Huffington Post „While his music fans are no doubt praying he overcomes his aversion to publicity, anyone who attends Hithermost will hope that, no matter how much his star rises in 2013, Henson decides to keep drawing.” (you can read the whole article here)

The exhibition invited art lovers to an unprecedented look inside the life of a hermit-artist, who just got the courage to face his audience. Works document all mediums of artistic expression: poetry, painting, sculpture, ceramics and drawning. The exhibition was mentioned not only by international magazines like The Huffington Post or The Independent Arts, but also by Vogue and The Guardian.

During the exhibition in Katowice, the audience could see some of already mentioned works, as well as a new and very deceitful cycle, titled „Mother Tongue" dealing with death, sadness, hypocrisy, morality, pragmatism and lonliness. All works were specially picked out by the curator of the exhibition — Keaton Henson himself.  

Curator: Keaton Henson

Opracowanie: Ewa Surowiec, Jakub Swat, Marek Zieliński

The exhibition was subsidized by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


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