Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Sławomir Elsner: Pano-Rama 2013

22.11.2013 — 22.01.2014 | Rondo Sztuki Art Gallery

Pano-Rama 2013 was a first monographic exhibition of the artist in Silesia. Sławomir Elsner was born in Wodzisław Śląski, but since mid 1980’s he has been living and working in Germany. 

Elsener is invariably wondered by reality, inspiring and incentive to metamorphosis and transformation into new forms, dedicated to accentuating hidden identity. In his drawn landscapes, he exposes human ability to adornment of reality (through media and art), as well as reinterprets prosaic situations of everyday life. 

The exhibition at the Rondo Sztuki Art Gallery gave participants an opportunity to catch a glimpse of big part of his works, including „panorama” from the title, which should be treated as a direct continuation and reference to works created in 2006. In his uncle’s attic, Sławomir Elsner found once a pile of issues, mostly from 1976 and 1977, of Silesian ilustrated magazine Panorama. The collection belonged to artist’s father, who read the periodic till late 1990’s. The discovery aroused many emotions and memories, becoming an impulse for creating numerous processing works, which at the same time imitated motives and images from Gierek’s decade, maintaining the magazine’s color, shade of paper, even traces of misprint.

Imperfections and shortcomings are motives often appearing in his creativeness. Works from cycle Populaires appeal to nostalgic aesthetics of 1970’s pornography, which is disturbed by a deliberately performative gesture of the artist.  A formula of „extorting” fragments out of composition, awakens anxiety and frustration, but it also builds atmosphere of mystery. All these elements are characteristic to the artist’s installations, which style reminds of children’s torn paper art. However, in this case created/stripped/torn in enormous exposure spaces. Especially for the exhibition, during ⅩⅩⅡ Ars Cameralis Festival 2013Sławomir Elsner created similiar installations on the walls of the Rondo Sztuki Art Gallery.  


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