Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Fot. Radosław Kaźmierczak
Fot. Radosław Kaźmierczak

Cycle „Kameralnie"

| Silesian Voivodeship

An intimate atmosphere, the artist is literally at audience’s fingertips — it is a rather rare situation at concerts. However, it is the main advantage of the cycle Kameralnie.  Here, accordingly to the name itself, everything is based on almost organic connection between participants of the event — unusual venue, minimized audience and young artists, who are just at the beginning of their careers with big chances to achieve sucess on music charts. Musically the cycle Kameralnie will be very diverse. Artists represent various genres, often exceeding them. We can’t say anything more. Identity of the artists will be known only to the lucky ones, who will win tickets in our contests on Facebook.  

6 November at 8 PM  Gliwice 

A post-rock band named after one of the characters of Twin Peaks will perform during the concert in Gliwice. Their music — spatial and dark — could have been an alterantive soundtrack for David Lynch’s series.  Urban legend says that the band was brought to life when its initiator was walking around OFF Festival with a note „I will play shoegaze with someone” pinned to his backpack. There were people who wanted to join and play along.

13 November at 8 PM  Bytom

A graduate of the Academy of Music, who creates experimental world music (or  contemplative ethno) that connects sound of bassoon with electronic instrumentarium, will perform during the concert in Bytom. The music is filled with folk melodies and sampled ethnic percussion. 

20 November at 8 PM  Katowice

A trio brave enough to face the legend of Ian Curtis and record a cover of one of his greatest hits, will perform during the concert in Katowice. In title of their debut EP they invite do dance, although no one promises it’s going to be easy. Their cool, slow rock does not fit the moving world around, but it hypnotizes and captures from the very first tones. 

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