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Photo by Ryo Mitamura
Photo by Ryo Mitamura

Gareth Dickson to perform in November!

12 November 2017, at 7 PM | The Spencer Pub

Gareth Dickson has performed at the Ars Cameralis Festival before. In 2014, he was accompanying Vashti Bunyan at her only concert in Poland. Now, he returns to Katowice with his own material. He was compared in the past to many outstanding performers, including the legendary Nick Drake. Gareth does not mind these comparisons  the timbre of his voice and the manner of its articulation, makes him close affinity with the amazing songwriter. In 2014, Dickson released album Wraithsi, on which he paid a tribute to Drake and recorded interpretations of his songs. Gareth music was also influanced by other outstanding artists, just to mention Syd Bareth and Robert Johnson.

Of course today Dickson has found his own, difficult to imitate voice. He debuted in 2005 when he recorded two albums Spruce Goose and Solina Sea. He was writing a lot, his next material was released in 2009 (Collected Recordings) and 2010 (The Dance). Two years later, after his journey to Argentina, Quite A Way Away was brought to life  as he says, the most „restless” album in his life. Gareth Dickson does not run away from other inspirations  he likes classics (including Johann Sebastian Bach), he listens to Brian Eno, Aphex Twin and Kraftwerk. There is also a place for Joy Division on his record shelf. Dickson’s melancholy was appreciated by others: Vashti Bunyan invited him as an accompanist on her last tour, and his albums are released by Taylor Deupree’s label.

Gareth Dickson — The Big Lie

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