Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Planet Topor. Abram. Roland. Nicolas. — an exhibition

27.10. — 27.12.2016 | Schoen's Palace — Museum in Sosnowiec

Name Roland Topor confirms the thesis that image and word, books and magazines have the power of huge explosive. His art is placed among the greatest icons of ⅩⅩ century — Eugene Ionesco, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Fernando Arabal, even Monty Phyton — who claimed that „art without laughter creates a defective soul”. 

It’s nearly 20th anniversary of the artist’s death. Therefore, during this year’s ⅩⅩⅤ Ars Cameralis Festival, in Schoen’s Palace — Museum in Sosnowiec, an extraordinary exhibition will take place. The exhibition will consist of works by Roland, as well as works by his father Abram and his son Nicolas

Roland Topor was perceived as a creator of black humor, ironically using traditional codes of art. Under a layer of grotesque he was critical about the politics, decency or bourgeois values. It was contradictory, because he also cultivated family connexions. He considered his father Abram — a painter and sculpturer, whose landscapes filled their apartament — to be the greatest artist. With equal deference he treated his son Nicolasa. When he discovered the boy was interested in painting, he was thrilled and decided to interview the 5-year-old. 

Another intriguing context to the exhibition Planet Topor. Abram, Roland, Nicolas adds the history of the building where it will take place. Museum in Sosnowiec was renovated last year and allows to present art in a modern arrangement. Schoen’s Palace — the headquarters of the Museum — was built by a family of factory owners from Werdau, Saxony. The three-generation Schoen’s family lived in Sosnowiec till 1945 and had a significant influence on the city’s social life.

Vernissage of the exhibition will take place on October 27 at 6 PM. Curators of the exhibition are Alexandre Devaux and Marek Zieliński, co-organizer Schoen’s Palace — Museum in SosnowiecThe exhibition is prepared in collaboration with Atelier Clot, Bramsen & Georges and Y.C. Aligator Film.

On Wednesday, October 26 at 7 PM we invite you to take part in Cafe Panika  — a meeting around the output of Roland Topor, with the participation of Nicolas Topor and Hélène d’Almeida – Topor. The meeting at Club "Królestwo" (1 Jerzy Zietek’s Roundabout, Katowice) will be led by Agnieszka Taborska. Free admission.

The exhibition is subsidized by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Works in the photo gallery:

  1. Roland Topor Alice à l’intérieur de sa tête, 1972 © N. Topor. Courtesy Galerie Anne Barrault

  2. Nicolas Topor z serii Les Zinco — errances, 2009 © Nicolas Topor

  3. Roland & Nicolas Topor Le dragon,1971 © N. Topor. Courtesy Alexandre Devaux

  4. Roland & Nicolas Topor Portrait à deux, 1967 © N. Topor. Courtesy Galerie Anne Barrault

  5. Nicolas Topor Mr. Muffin, 2012—2016 © Nicolas Topor. Courtesy Atelier Clot, Bramsen & Georges

  6. Roland Topor Le cerveau impérialiste, 1995 © N. Topor. Courtesy Galerie Anne Barrault

  7. Abram Topor Paysage au cheval, 1978 © Family Topor. Courtesy Atelier Clot, Bramsen & Georges

  8. Abram Topor L’allée devant le parterre de roses © Family Topor

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