Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Robert Henke — Lumière II at Ars Cameralis Festival 2016

26 November, 2016 | Rozrywka Theatre

Lumière II  is an amazing artistic experience, an audio visual show, connecting sound with phenomenal visuals based on a laser show. The name of the show relates to two significations. First one, as the author himself claims, is a reference to the beginnings of the cinema and Lumière brothers. Second one is the meaning of the word, which in French simply means „light”. The show Lumière II  consist of powerful lasers flashing with light,  creating shapes and symbols, while at the same time a seperate audio-engine generates rhythmical, expanded structures, which compound of spectral sounds and basses. 

Responsible for both those elements is an undisputed legend of music —  Robert Henke —  an artist acting on the verge of sound, performance, theatre and artistic audio visual installation. As Monolake he pushed electronical music into various new directions. However, his biggest input to the developement of music was his participation in creating Ableton Live —  a software to create music, which is nowadays used by almost all musicians of electronic and experimental stage. 

Henke is fascinated with the beauty of technical objects and technology. He developes his own instruments (Ableton Live isn’t his only creation), which he considers to be an important part of artistic expression. His materials are computer generated sounds, field recordings, photography, light, all re-arranged and modulated by mathematic rules, interaction and common, random operations. 

Robert Henke was a guest lecturer at Berlin University of the Arts, Center for Computer Research in Music and Sccoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University and Studio National des Arts Contemporains in Lille (France). His installations and concerts have been presented at some of the most significant cultural centres, to include only Tate Modern London, the Centre Pompidou Paris, PS-1 New York, MUDAM Luxembourg and MAK Vienna. 

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