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Three days with Lydia Lunch

21 — 23 November, 2015 | Silesian Voivodeship

Ahead of us, three days with the legend of New York’s underground Lydia Lunch. Forthcoming weekend will be an opportunity to find out if the artist is more interesting poet or musician. Lydia Lunch will present a performance called Dust and Shadows, project Medusa’s Bed and on Monday she will lead workshops From The Page To The Stage

Dust and Shadows

21 November at 7 PM

Silesia Theatre, The Chamber Stage, Katowice

The journey with Lydia Lunch through New York’s world of counterculture will begin with a poetic performance. The artist created it together with Elise Passavant, who is called „multimedia Swiss-army knife”. In 2011, both of them were traveling across forgotten villages of Spain, which became an inspiration for the performance Dust and Shadows. A hypnotic recitation about autumn topics — loss, burnout and survival — are accompanied by images of desert landscapes, abandoned towns and… dim audience, where the performance takes place. 

Medusa’s Bed

22 November at 7 PM

Silesian Library House of Education, Katowice

Whenever Lydia Lunch is performing, no matter what musical project it is, you may be sure it will be radically fascinating… This time, triply… „If we are making something for money, we create commerce, not art.” — Lydia said in an interview for Guardian. This sentence is the best way to describe artistic ferment, which is seen in every area of her artistic activity.

Since 2013, the artist is performing with Zahra Mani —  a British-Pakistani composer with Oxford’s diploma of philosophy studies and Mia Zabelka — an Austrian violinist, probably the most oustanding pupil of Dieter Kaufmann, an author of improvisation technique „automatic playing”.  To Katowice they will come as trio to perform their album Medusa’s Bed. 

Tickets for the performance and the concert are available at:, and

From The Page To The Stage

23 November at 5 PM

Silesian Library House of Education, Katowice

From the Page to the Stage are workshops lead by a performer, musician, writer and instigator Lydia Lunch. The artist who has been working with many other musicians, writers and directors, will share her vision as well as frames of creative process and personal growth.

The workshops will refer to the subject of artistic initiation and motivation necessary to perform on stage. Participants will receive tools, which will help them recognize strenght of their own voice and their stage energy. Lydia Lunch will also talk about various practical ways of making live shows more satisfactory for both, the artist and the audience. 

Free admission.

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