Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Design Silesia

2011 — 2013 | Silesian Voivodeship

Silesia is one of the first regions in this part of Europe , which has decided to base its development on design by creating a unique project – Design Silesia.

The name Design Silesia immediately describes the fundamental aspects of our activity. We transform Silesia with good design. Our region is being restructured and thus faces a huge challenge of converting the economy from heavy industry to new and innovative branches. One of them is design, understood not only as a graphic design, but also as a conscious design, whether it is in the scale of the urban space or everyday items or – less obvious but equally important – in the design of better services.

At the same time the specificity of Silesia, the industrial character with its reflection in the urban landscape and mentality of the people, the local cult of work, rationality of solutions, centuries-old tradition of production, and complex manufacturing processes — all influence the local, unique, high quality design. Not only do we transform Silesia with design, we also change design with the specificity of Silesia, the design schools which operate here, entrepreneurs and designers.

Design Silesia also strives to promote good design in Silesia. We show the people what good design can give them, not only at home but also where they work, study and relax. We teach elected officials, how to create a friendly office and how to improve their efforts to make the use of these institutions or service more enjoyable for the residents. We show how to create friendly and functional public spaces with functional objects that are part of an efficient puzzle of a cleverly managed city or village. We also educate the Silesian entrepreneurs, we convince them, that well-designed products and services can effectively improve the competitiveness of their businesses.

Design is a team effort. Together we can create better products, objects, services and people-friendly spaces.

Finally, we promote the Silesian Voivodeship itself. We organize numerous exhibitions of local design, both in Poland and abroad, we sponsor publications on regional design, we organize international conferences which draw design specialists from around the world, we also create online and multimedia learning platforms promoting Silesian design.


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