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To the End / Mik.Book.!

„The achievements of MIK are a great collection, which could fill a hall in some gallery of modern art.” Rafał Księżyk

On 100 pages full of illustrations, it shows visually, without redundant words, what have been done, what have became classic, what have been forgotten. What came out and what had to be hidden or drown in archives. A public and a secret history of MIK. A dose of humour, action, reaction, good design, flying apotheosis of D.I.Y. It’s not about the photographs, authors value more the handwritten pictures, plans, posters, memorabilia and other souvenirs, archeological gadgets, last pieces, notes. We ask a question, which never finds an answer — what MIK truely is, what it has been, what would it be — „not from the begining, not till the end”. 

A high quality print on solid paper and a flock cover with stamping, and to top it  a fluorescent ribbon to mark a page. Furthermore a few critical texts written by Rafał Księżyk, Susanna Niederamayr, Michał Mendyk, exclusive tales written especially for the publication by Sebastian Ciechocki and a special drawn-graph made by Felix Kubin.

About the author:

Wojtek Kucharczyk  a musical and mulitimedia activity: since 1995, he participated in many concerts and multimedia shows in Poland and abroad (as a member of the band Mołr Drammaz, as a solo artist *retro*sex*galaxy and The Complainer & The Complainers, with the bands pathman, HWDJazz, a duet TerriTerrorTorium with Felix Kubin, among others). Wojciech released over 50 albums (maybe even more, he doesn’t count). Since 1995, he also leads an artistic project — a collective/ publishing house / label MIK MUSIK, which includes over 100 titles of CD-R, CD, vinyl, cassette, among others, some of them have been distributed worldwide. He took part in many concerts, presentations and music festivals. 

Together with Felix Kubin, he participated in the project „TerriTerrorTorium”, produced by Deutschland Radio Kultur/Berlin and ORF/Kunstradio/Vienna. In 2005, he took part in project „recycler” for Polish-German Radio_Copernicus. In 1999–2004, he was an assistant and a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.  In 2005, he was honored an Aktivist magazine’s award „Nocne marki” for a life achievement. In 2013, the magazine also proclaimed him „An Activist of the Year”.

Details of the publication:

Designed by: Justyna Kucharczyk

Publisher: Cultural Institution Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

Year and place of publishing: Katowice 2008

Language: Polish


The pubication was published as a part of ⅩⅦ Ars Cameralis Festival 2008

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To the End / Mik.Book.!

  • Author: Wojtek Kucharczyk
  • Page number : 100
  • Sizes: 24x17cm
  • Category: Art book
  • ISBN: 83–922555–7–7
  • Price: 50 PLN

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