Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris


13 June, 2015 | Zinc Mill in Katowice-Szopienice

Celebration of the Industrial Monuments Route in old Zinc Mill in Katowice.

Work was the theme accompanying the INDUSTRIADA 2015 project and became the inspiration for the events presented in the Mill Zinc in Katowice. Working in its various guises, but also a leisure time in which man enjoys himself were the themes undertaken by the creators and originators of this year’s program.

Using various thematic areas: art, music, industrial, heritage and workshops we told about the man and his experiences at work and also about his leisure time. 

The programme was prepared by the Institution of Culture Ars Cameralis in cooperation with Walcownia — Zinc Museum in Katowice.

„Homo faber / homo ludens” — exhibition

With the help of several large format prints, placed on specially prepared counter displays in the zinc rolling mill, the exhibition presents reproductions of selected works / photos and images (including works of Adolf Menzel, Max Steckl, Joanna Helander). The exhibition was a perverse dedication to post-industrial sites, taking into account in its form aspect of both work and leisure. The exhibition is an artistic expression of the slogan „Work”, that is the motto of this year’s edition of Industriada.

Ruhrgebiet in the film and photography

Issues related to industrial development are universal and they experience the same for many European countries and regions. Due to the similarity of traditions of Upper Silesia and the Ruhr area, but also inspiring for us, developed by the German region of examples of the use of post-industrial heritage, we decided to create a project that will outline common memories industrial map of the world. In some places, Zinc Mill Hall presented videos and photographs documenting the stories of some of the Ruhr industrial facilities, including film „Aral Archiv, Benzene, Krauftsto- aus Kohle”. The materials came from the collections of archival Stiftung Zollverein in Essen.

„Erwin Sówka, the signs in the heaven and on the earth.” — exhibition of works by Erwin Sówka

Erwin Sówka is a completely distinct artistic individuality, the great outsider, the original painter considered as not only an unprofessional but also as a classic Silesian art creator.  Inspired visionary who through painting is looking for the transcendent dimension of our existence. Born in 1936 in Giszowiec. In his youth he was under the influence of „Silesian occultists,” from 1956 he was a part of the Janowska Group, wheels amateur painters gathered since the mid-50s at the „Wieczorek” mine. The exhibition of his work in the zinc rolling mill was special not only because of the nature and uniqueness of his art. A special accent exposure became a painting entitled „Uthemann” painted by the artist especially for the Industriada project.

Music — AGF (DE) and Milky Wishlake (PL)

Once again, the architecture of the old Mill Zinc in Katowice – Szopienice, in which time seems to deliberately stopped clear traces of the ancient atmosphere and work,  became a space of musical variations referring to the sounds that carried with it the work of man and machine. German artist AGF and Polish musician Milky Wishlake situated among the old mills and furnaces created a series of mini-concerts and musical experiments dedicated to industrial objects.