Ars Cameralis Silesiae Superioris

The heart starts beating slowly… — INDUSTRIADA 2014

14 June, 2014 | Zinc Mill in Katowice-Szopienice

For the second time Cultural Institution Ars Cameralis had a chance to make special project in the building of the old Mill.

We had a chance to see how the mill is slowly returning to its former splendor, as again its „heart starts beating slowly….”. We decided to create a design that on the one hand had to refer to the history and context of the place, and on the other would commemorate this space as a place of work, a symbol of regional heritage and would speak in a new form to bring the consciousness of the inhabitants of Silesia.

The artists associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice created an exhibition entitled „Place for breath”, which consisted of remarkable works: lighting scenes, multimedia projections and artistic installations developed
in order to animate beautiful industrial space.

Atmosphere of the work, which is still felt in this space, also inspired musicians associated with the project Biuro Dźwięku Katowice. Musical experiments, sessions and mini concerts offered by the musicians located among the old machines were reffering to the characteristics and nature of real teamwork in the factory.

Typed art workshops for children prepared and carried out by a group of Imaginarium also etched into the context of the place. Screws, pendulums, lasers, buttons, modes, dials and levers filled with colorful works as a guiding theme of children’s creations.

Those artistic events were accompanied by an educational program focusing on the history of smelter and Mill building.